Board of Directors

The South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors and two, non-voting ex-officio board members; the Secretary of Game, Fish and Parks and a Commissioner from the Game, Fish and Parks Commission. These board members provide legal, financial and nonprofit management expertise to help guide the Foundation. Although their occupations and interests vary, they volunteer their time and talents to help fulfill the Foundation’s mission and we thank them for their service.

  • President

    Karen Gundersen Olson - Rapid City

  • Vice President

    Sarah Larson - Sioux Falls

  • Secretary/ Treasurer

    Tom Krafka - Rapid City

  • At Large Board Members

    Kathryn Anderson - Sioux Falls
    Dick Behl - Scotland
    Spencer Hawley - Brookings
    Dale Jahr - Sioux Falls
    Jack Lynass - Rapid City
    Bill May - Rapid City
    Kevin Nyberg - Sioux Falls
    Bob Paulson - Rapid City
    Jeff Scherschligt - Sioux Falls
    Jim Spies - Watertown
    Jeff Stingley - Sioux Falls
    Pat Wyss - Rapid City

  • Ex Officio Board Members

    Kelly Hepler - Secretary, SD Game, Fish and Parks
    Russell Olson- Representing Game, Fish and Parks Commission

  • Executive Director-Lisa Weyer