Mickelson Trail Bridge Builder Project

The 109-mile-long Mickelson Trail extending from Edgemont to Deadwood through the beautiful Black Hills was completed in 1998. The Trail follows the abandoned bed of the Burlington Northern rail line and is named after late Governor George Mickelson, who supported Trail construction during his lifetime.

Federal and State agencies, Friends of the Mickelson Trail, hundreds of volunteers and donors pitched in to make the trail a reality. Thousands of bikers, hikers, runners and horseback riders enjoy the Mickelson Trail each year. The trail has been designated by Fox News as the seventh best in the world for adventure bike paths, largely in part due to the scores of railroad bridges. Many of the trail’s 100 bridges are over 20 years old. Over time, the 65 oldest bridges have deteriorated. All of these bridges will need extensive repair or replacement in the near future to ensure saftety of trail users and to ensure adventure seekers have the best experience while enjoying the Mickelson Trail. 

The South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation began to raise the $2 million needed to fund a backlog of bridge repairs in 2012. To date, eight of the bridges have been refurbished.

For information, please contact our office at 605.773.4503 or via email.